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Punishing Those Liable for Leak

April 23, 2014 By the time lawyers involved in the Freedom Industries bankruptcy are finished, the company’s assets may have vanished. more »»

Banishing ‘Gridlock’ To Save Young Lives

April 23, 2014 Much has been written of political bickering and “gridlock” in both state and federal governments. But sometimes, the politicians join hands to get important things done. more »»

Why the Delay On Obamacare Report?

April 23, 2014 President Barack Obama is bragging that 8 million Americans have signed up for Obamacare insurance. It would be nice if Americans could get some details on that — but they can’t. more »»

Safeguarding Older Ohioans

April 22, 2014 Older Ohioans know enough to recognize a useless government feel-good program when they see it. more »»

Uncle Sam Leans Toward Big Brother

April 22, 2014 Most Americans can understand why law enforcement and national security officials want access to information about us — though there are serious, in some cases overriding, invasion of privacy... more »»

Hold Down Taxes, Fees

April 21, 2014 Most of the time when towns and cities face budget gaps, municipal officials get together to work something out. Something different is being done in Weirton. more »»

Politics Behind Delay on Pipeline

April 21, 2014 It has become clear politics is the only thing preventing President Barack Obama from deciding whether to approve the proposed Keystone XL pipelin. more »»

Getting Trucks Back in Control

April 20, 2014 For a time after the gas drilling boom hit the Northern Panhandle, it seemed as if most of the companies involved were trying hard to be good neighbors. Big trucks were preceded by pilot cars. more »»

Easter Ends Long Winter of the Soul

April 20, 2014 With fingers crossed, many area residents are hoping spring is finally here. We certainly had more than enough of the long, snowy, cold winter. more »»

Focus on Owners Of Dangerous Dogs

April 20, 2014 Between the end of 2011 and this February, government agencies in the Dayton area received about 60 complaints about a home in that city, according to a published report. more »»

Keeping Faith With Taxpayers

April 19, 2014 For decades, Ohio County voters have approved “excess” property tax levies for public schools every time they have been aske. more »»

Heroin Epidemic Grows in E. Ohio

April 19, 2014 Deaths from heroin overdoses have reached record levels in Ohio — and Jefferson and Belmont counties are in the thick of the epidemic. more »»

Budget Woes May Intensify

April 18, 2014 Within a few weeks, West Virginia officials should have an idea of whether the gap between state spending and budget revenue is going to persist — or even grow worse. more »»

Liberals Destroying Nation’s Economy

April 18, 2014 Americans seem to have become numb to worry about our astronomical national debt, already at $17.5 trillio. more »»

Improving Rural Access to Care

April 17, 2014 Seminars and forums on rural health care in West Virginia have been held regularly for several years. But one scheduled for next week will be different because of — you guessed it — Obamacare. Rep. more »»

Rein in EPA’s Unhealthy Power

April 17, 2014 Few federal officials have the kind of virtually unbridled power enjoyed by the Environmental Protection Agenc. more »»

Law a Disservice To Many Workers

April 17, 2014 Marshall County government employees enjoy good health insurance provided through the county. more »»

Old Debt Collection Outrageous Abuse

April 17, 2014 At times it seems few in the federal government worry much about enforcing the law. Millions of illegal immigrants are evidence of tha. more »»

Fighting Drug Abuse in Ohio

April 16, 2014 Drug abuse has become a wildfire in Ohio, spreading rapidly and consuming lives in the process. Local law enforcement agencies cannot battle it on their own. State officials need to do more. more »»

Judge Correct In DUI Sentence

April 16, 2014 Kenneth Eugene Cunningham should be no threat to the traveling public for the next five years. Clearly, however, he has been one in the past. more »»

Gee Correct About WVU

April 15, 2014 At first glance, it might seem obvious that college and university presidents should make students their top priority. more »»

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Such a Bargain!

April 18, 2014 On the way to my car after a long week of work last Friday, I happened to walk past a couple, dressed to the nines, on their way to a reception, a wedding or perhaps a nice dinner out. more »

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