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Needless Rules Hamper Growth

April 25, 2011
The Intelligencer , The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register

A bill signed into law by Ohio Gov. John Kasich won't have a major economic development effect - but it symbolizes the ridiculous attitude toward business that too often rules government.

Senate Bill 73, signed into law by Kasich last week, rescinds a law that had been on the books for many years. It required manufacturers of non-beverage food items who use beer, wine or liquor in their products to buy the liquids at retail prices. Now, companies that, for example, make bourbon-flavored barbecue sauce will be able to save a few bucks by purchasing liquor at wholesale prices.

No, it SB 73 probably won't create any new jobs. It won't save any. It certainly won't add millions of dollars to any company's bottom line. But it does eliminate an absurd law - one of many - that make it more expensive and difficult to do business in Ohio.

If SB 73 is only the first in a series of initiatives by Kasich and the General Assembly, it could have a substantial effect on Ohio's economy.

Kasich says it is a first step in what he is referring to as his Common Sense Initiative.

The campaign will target state laws, rules and regulations that may be counterproductive rather than helpful to Buckeye State residents. For example, Kasich wants to look at a law requiring 15 percent of state spending on goods and services to to go minority-owned businesses. We suspect that costs the state a lot of money.

Also on the governor's agenda are highway weight limits on cargo-carrying trucks. Kasich believes that if the limits can be increased without risking damage to highways, such action could benefit Ohio businesses.

Obviously, special interests, some politicians and bureaucrats who enforce unnecessary rules won't like Kasich's initiative. Thoughtful Ohioans should be delighted with it, however. Let's hope last week's small start is pursued to the point it has a substantial effect in helping Ohio's economy.

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