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‘Yes’ Vote Right On Ohio Issue 2

October 29, 2011
The Intelligencer , The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register

For weeks, Ohioans have been subjected to a continous blast of propaganda about Issue 2 on the Nov. 8 election ballot. Voting "yes" on Issue 2 may mean fire trucks and ambulances don't come when they're called, some advertisements imply. Voting "yes" helps an assault on the Buckeye State's middle class, others insist. Still others maintain Issue 2 is part of an attempt to destroy public employee unions.

None of it is true.

Issue 2 is a referendum on a new state law, commonly referred to as SB 5. The law, if upheld by voters, would establish a few common-sense curbs on the power of public employee unions. It also would require public employees be treated more like workers in the private sector - whose hard-earned tax dollars support those on government payrolls.

Here are some facts about SB 5:

Indeed, middle class Ohioans are facing severe trials these days. Part of their problem is an ever-increasing tax burden - much of it because of the power public employee unions wield. If upheld, SB 5 could provide some relief for Buckeye State residents concerned about the cost of big government.

Don't fall for the dishonest propaganda, funded by a campaign that has spent far more than supporters of SB 5. If there are big-money special interests in this election, they are the unions.

Ohio voters who go to the polls Tuesday should decide Issue 2 based on the truth about what is good for them, not because they have been swayed by the barrage of propaganda.

On Nov. 8, the wise vote on Issue 2 is crystal clear: "Yes."

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